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"Unleashing Your Purpose: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Soulful Alignment" with Henry Kimsey-House

Updated: Apr 30


This week, our guest is the legendary Henry Kimsey-House, one of the pioneers who laid the foundation for professional coaching in the 1980s. It was a privilege to delve into his early life, trace his journey into coaching, and gain insights into the monumental influence his coaching legacy has left on countless lives.

Henry's story is a testament to the transformative power of coaching, which extends far beyond the individual to reshape entire organizations and cultures. As we navigated through his experiences, it was evident that his legacy embodies the philosophy of coaching as a force that elevates people, organizations, and humanity as a whole. Let's embrace these insightful leadership dynamics by tuning in to this episode.

In this episode:

  • Embrace Continuous Learning: Henry's narrative emphasizes the need for continuous learning and growth, where one should always strive to learn new things and expand their knowledge.

  • Value Experience: The importance of valuing elders in any system or organization. Their experience and wisdom can provide invaluable insights that can lead to success.

  • Practice Active Listening: One of the core skills mentioned in coaching is active listening which is crucial not only in professional settings but also in personal relationships.

  • Foster Human Connection: Treating each other as humans rather than objects or labels forms a significant part of successful communication and relationship-building, both personally and professionally.

  • Promote Consciousness & Awareness: Being aware helps us understand ourselves better, make informed decisions, and develop empathy towards others, thus contributing positively to our personal lives as well as society at large.

  • Express Yourself Fully: Authentic expression fosters trust and understanding among individuals leading to healthier interpersonal dynamics and overall wellbeing.

  • Advocate For Humanity: Embracing expressing full humanity aspects of life particularly the workplace promotes inclusion and diversity ultimately leading to harmonious environments and greater productivity.

Order of Topics:

  • The Birth of Coaching: You'll learn about the journey that has made coaching what it is today.

  • Defining Coactive: You will learn how coactive coaching combines 'being' and 'doing,' encouraging individuals to start with being fully themselves before doing any activity.

  • Impact on Workplaces: By shifting focus from merely doing tasks to understanding human relationships, organizations can foster more engaging and fulfilling work environments.

  • Evolution within Corporations: Henry discussed how corporations have embraced concepts like love, connection, and listening over time - elements previously absent from business discourse.

  • Eldership & Consciousness: Henry emphasized embracing Elderhood as a concept that goes beyond retirement, envisioning it as a stage of life where individuals become valued advisors, contributing their wisdom drawn from rich life experiences.

  • Role Of Coaching In Society: Throughout the conversation, Henry encourages us to expand individual perspectives through coaching benefits society at large by fostering genuine human connections beyond labels or roles assigned within organizations or communities.

  • Concept of Stake in Leadership: Tackles about how leadership shapes who we are and influences our behavior while working towards future goals.

About Henry:

Henry is the Co-founder and lead designer of the thought-provoking, experiential learning programs of CTI (Co-Active Training Institute), the world's oldest and largest in-person coach-training school. He is the best-selling co-author of Co-Active Coaching, and is the co-author of The Stake: The Making of Leaders and Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead. He has charted a remarkable journey that has left an indelible mark on the world of coaching and leadership development. His path was enriched by his early foray into the world of acting, which began at the tender age of nine. This immersion into the realm of human emotion and narrative intricacies through classical theatrical training, stage performances, television, and film experiences laid the foundation for his deep insights into the human psyche. He worked at the Actors Information Project in New York City for 13 years before he began his coaching profession. His legacy continues to shape leaders and create transformative environments that transcend boundaries. He lives with his wife, Karen Kimsey-House, on the northwest coast of the United States.

You can visit the Co-Active Training Institute websites here:

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