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"Empowering Individuals Affected by Foster Care, Homelessness, and Incarceration" with Dan Seaver


In today's episode in our "Bringing Humanity into the Workplace" series, we are introduced to Dan Seaver, the executive director and co-founder of ManifestWorks. ManifestWorks is an organization that connects individuals impacted by foster care, homelessness, and incarceration with job opportunities and provides ongoing support for long-term success.

Dan shares his journey from a career in journalism and government to becoming a youth advocate and eventually founding ManifestWorks.

Dan aims to address the problem of system-impacted individuals being blocked from reaching their potential through his work. This episode highlights the importance of providing opportunities and support for those in need and explores Dan's personal experiences in this field.

In this episode:

  • The Power of Upleveling: Throughout the episode, it becomes clear that Dan Seaver has a remarkable ability to uplift and empower those around him and leave them feeling like a better version of themselves. As leaders, we can learn from Dan's example and strive to create environments where everyone can uplevel and reach their full potential.

  • Embracing Accidental Opportunities: Dan's journey into working with impacted youth and adults was not something he had planned or set out to do. It was an accident that turned into a blessing. This reminds us that sometimes the most meaningful and fulfilling paths in life are the ones we stumble upon unexpectedly.

  • Growth as a Leader: As ManifestWorks grew, Dan's role as a leader evolved. Initially, he was involved in every aspect of the organization, from teaching and counseling to selecting and placing individuals. However, as he hired a team and delegated responsibilities, his focus shifted to leading and supporting his staff. This highlights the importance of adaptability and the need to evolve our leadership styles as our organizations grow and change.

About Dan:

Dan is the Executive Director and a co-founder of ManifestWorks and has built the organization from its infancy in 2013. He oversees organizational strategy and partnerships, fundraising, and new programming initiatives.

After a career in journalism and government, Dan spent a decade as a youth advocate while volunteering with kids incarcerated in Los Angeles County. ManifestWorks is a response to that experience, a solution to the problem of system-impacted people blocked from their potential.

Dan graduated from Northwestern University, was a Los Angeles County Probation Department commissioner from 2014 - 2021, and lives in LA with his kid.

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