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Fans & Testimonials

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UpLevel Off-the-Shelf 

“As lululemon’s Director of Community... I am constantly searching for ways to create a deeper and more meaningful connection between our brand and the local communities where we live and work. We engaged UpLevel Productions; ‘Building Magnetic Relationship’ workshop. My team experienced both a shift in themselves personally, as well as in the way we interact with guests + colleagues – near and far....We highly recommend working with this cutting-edge and dynamic company for your training needs.”

 - Natalie Westlake Director, NA Community Foundations + Relationships 

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UpLevel Custom Design

“At HSBC Commercial and Global Banking Compliance, we had the pleasure to work with UpLevel Productions to set up a session to discuss digital well being during the pandemic across the organization. Not only did they develop a custom info session aligned to our requirements - the guided tips and tricks to counter digital fatigue made a positive impact on the audience and their extended teams. Thank you UpLevel!!” 

-Donald Ma, Senior Advisory 

Leadership & Team
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“Rachel’s coaching sessions are well structured and highly insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions which were meaningful to me and assisted me in my professional growth. She always maintained a professional tone and yet highly empathetic listening and prompting me to derive solutions and understanding key issues. I am now applying the same strategies in my leadership journey with evident results from my team Alhamdullillah!” 

- Fatma Khalid Al guthmy , (MEd) Educational Leadership and Management NPQSL - UCL 

Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching

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“The impact of Co-Active Coach training being infused into our organization has been transformational. Our leaders are talking about the power of coaching, both at work and at home. Individual Contributors are asking for coaching now, which was non-existent before.”


-Kvon Tucker, Senior Leader, Google Recruitment

Co-Active Solutions for Organizations

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“The Graydin coach-training program was amazing. I know coaching is powerful and that there are techniques to learn, but as I come into experiencing coaching as a coachee, paradoxically I am better able to reflect not only on my own coaching issues but the techniques that are at play. Underlying and interlacing this {having Rachel as a Graydin sustainment coach} is the open mindedness beauty of how Rachel’s humanity shines through


 - Nisha Patel, Teacher of Economics at Forest School UK

Coach Approach for Educators & Schools

Educators & Schools
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Individuals, Solo-preneurs, Parents and Family

“Participating in the Emotional Leadership Academy was hugely impactful and invaluable for me. It was personally liberating and powerful in moving myself and my business forward. Christie was instrumental in the journey as a compassionate and courageous leader; holding a safe space for us all. If you are wanting to create a relationship with your emotions that will truly serve you (and others around you) then this is totally for you!”

- Erica Miller, Co-Founder Young Hip & Married

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UpLevel Events

“This series has been a beacon of light at a dark time. Pandemic parenting as a new mom has been deeply challenging on my mental health. I appreciate that I was able to catch these replays while out on a walk with my toddler and digest at the rhythm I needed to. Hearing personal stories at a time of isolation is an important reminder that I’m not alone and walking away with some easily digestible tools is such a gift. Thanks to everyone involved to help us Up Level (Productions) during a time of struggle.”


- Laura Vell

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“FINALLY!! I'm so grateful for the entire Lil Sass series - it is such a relief to have a book that my daughter understands that normalizes the expression of big emotions in a world that so often says, "Pull it together" and "Stop crying." Thank you Christie for helping to teach our kids (and their parents) how to feel and express emotions in a productive and healthy way. CAPE ON!!”

 - Megan Jo Wilson, Best Selling Author & Founder of Rock Star Camp 

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