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Co-Active Programs

Training That Empowers Leaders to Create High-Value and Engaged Relationships

Unlock Your Team’s Intrinsic Human Potential

Today, organizations face a complex business environment, which means leadership at all levels must possess the skills and competencies needed to meet the new objectives.

Are you looking to:

Create a coaching culture?

Support people managers lead through ambiguity?

Attract and retain top talent?

Control labor costs?

Develop emotional intelligence skills?

Create space for employees to bring their whole selves?

Develop an inclusive, safe, and equitable culture?


As proud and official licensees of the Co-Active Coaching, Leadership, and Relationship development products from CTI (the world's oldest and largest in-person coach training school), we offer workshops in different formats and durations that support these outcomes. These programs are proven to improve employee engagement, build resiliency, and enable innovation and collaboration, which leads to a positive contribution to an organization’s bottom line.

We Understand How Much
Things Have Changed

Organizations face an increasingly complex business environment, and the impact of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) landscape leaves

 people more anxious, sleep-deprived, distracted, and depressed. The hangover of the pandemic has left significant disruptions in daily life, and uncertainty for the future has left many in a chronic, high-stress state that is less than optimal for higher-order cognitive functioning. 

Employees are less engaged and have different expectations of their organizations. We’ve discovered the tools organizations need to help employees UpLevel and feel a sense of wholeness.


We have served over 300 organizations, some of the world's-leading organizations, such as Google, LuLulemon, BDO, and Disney, where we’ve trained over 10,000 leaders in 100 countries worldwide.

Bring Co-Active into Your Organization to Help Engage,
Develop & Retain Your Top Talent

The programs listed below can be delivered virtually via Zoom or in-person.

Taste of Co-Active

4-Hour Intro to Co-Active Products

Relationship Agility

Great for Managers & Intact Teams

Coaching Skills for Leaders

2.5 - 4 Day Training

Standard Internal Training

Deep Dive Into Co-Active Coaching


2.5 - 4 day Intro to Co-Active Products

Accelerated Coaching

A Deeper Dive Into Co-Active

Off The Shelf

Smaller Trainings & Programs

Taking Meeting Notes

Taste of Co-Active

4 hours

An efficient and effective way to introduce your organization to the brilliance of Co-Active. Participants will experience a sampling of “Co-Active Coaching” and how it differs from other leadership competencies. This session includes ample practice of the foundational skills of coaching and explores how this approach transforms the common challenges facing leaders today.

Taste of Co-Active

Coaching Skills for Business Leaders

2.5 - 4 days

Increasingly, organizations recognize the power of coaching as an effective, high-return vehicle for unlocking intrinsic human potential.


Co-Active Coaching Skills for Business Leaders is an experiential learning program that dramatically enhances the relationship between leader and team members, providing participants with practical experience to integrate self-awareness and best-practice coaching skills

into their leadership style. This course is designed for HR Professionals, Senior Leaders, High Potentials, and Managers across business units. Individual coaching and, or group sessions postworkshop sustain learning and foster behavior change.

Coaching Skills for Leaders
Friendly Business Team


2.5 - 4 days

Fundamentals provides a powerful introduction to the techniques and skills of Co-Active Coaching. The focus is on practical experience rather than traditional lectures or slides. With a focus on experiential learning, participants have numerous opportunities to coach and receive feedback on their newly acquired coaching skills. This course is designed for anyone who wants to build a coaching mindset and competency in the workplace. 

Relationship Agility

2 - 3 days

This interactive program teaches managers and intact work teams how to develop workplace relationships characterized by a high degree of trust, collaboration, and accountability. The focus is squarely on the relationship component of achieving shared goals and objective interactive exercises, spirited dialogue, boundary-stretching challenges, and other group processes.

Team Meeting
Relationship Agility
Colleagues at Work

Standard Internal
Co-Active Coach Training (SICC)

3 Modules

This five-module hands-on training program provides learners with a deep and powerful understanding of the techniques and skills of Co-Active Coaching. The focus is on participation and practical experience rather than lectures, with numerous opportunities to coach and receive feedback on acquired coaching skills. Ultimately, learners will be better equipped to respond to various coachees and coaching situations with creativity, confidence, and power. At the end of this program, participants are eligible to be enrolled in the certification program toward achieving the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation.

This course is for organizations that are developing internal coaches and for employees in any role and function who would benefit from a deeper coaching competency.

Standard Internal Training

Accelerated Internal
Co-Active Coach

3 Modules

Through contextually based, experiential learning, participants are taught techniques and skills of Co-Active Coaching in this condensed and accelerated three-module adaptation of SICC. For organizations with less time to commit to training, this program provides participants with 60 hours of coach-specific training, which fulfills the minimum training requirements for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

This course is for organizations that are developing internal coaches and for employees in any role and function who would benefit from a deeper coaching competency.

In a Meeting
Accelerated Inernal Coach
UpLevel Program Logos (4).gif

If you're looking for bite-sized training to add to your existing development programs or as a way of introducing your team to new trainings, these Off the Shelf offerings are a great option. They're affordable and efficient.


From building better relationships to managing energy and grief in the workplace, the following workshops and experiential talks are designed to UpLevel the overall well-being + performance of your teams, employees, and organization. Bring us into an All-Hands meeting, or specific tailored event, or your team gathering. 

The sessions can be delivered virtually and tailored to last between 60-min to a four-hour time frame. Prices range between US $1,200 - $4,500 based on the length of the session and the amount of customization.

Off the Shelf


Building Magnetic Relationships

Are you ready for better relationships? Learn and practice Foundational Relationship Skills to build deeper connections and create magnetic relationships with yourself, others, and the greater systems you are a part of.


Enhancing Digital Wellness

Burned out? Addiction to email, screens, and pandemic fatigue is impacting organizations' ability to create safe, engaged cultures of well-being. Learn tips and tools to help form a healthier relationship with technology and boost digital wellness.


Increasing Emotional Leadership Review

Form a healthier relationship with emotions by understanding the scientific & evolutionary purpose behind them. This work is designed to enhance emotional fitness and offers ways to lead with emotions in a responsible and resilient way.


Harnessing Head Trash

Heighten your self-awareness to understand better how self-limiting thoughts and beliefs can sabotage your well-being and sense of wholeness. Learn how to identify and trash these destructive patterns.



We use cutting-edge leadership and relationship development strategies by combining ancient energy tools that integrate the whole person to improve resiliency to face adversity and the challenges of these modern times.


The Power of Intention

Leaders need to be clear on their intentions to lead powerfully, develop others, and achieve desired
business results. Experience breathwork techniques and focused visualizations to activate clarity and walk away with the tools needed to move visions and goals forward.


Collaborative Communications

Learn foundational coaching skills such as listening, questioning, and acknowledging to improve trust, collaboration, and connection and experience more effective communication between peers, direct reports, and leaders.


Identifying Leadership Purpose & Uncovering Values

Gain clarity on what’s most important to you - your unique blueprint. Create greater alignment with your values by uncovering and being able to articulate how you are meant to serve (others, your organization, and beyond) and the impact you are here to have.


Accelerate Your Feedback Game Through Coaching Skills

Do you want to have more effective feedback conversations? This session will strengthen foundational coaching concepts/skills and an understanding of The Feedback Essentials. You'll practice Feedback Conversations and experience how coaching can improve performance and unlock high-performance results in individuals and teams.


Managing & Understanding Grief in the Workplace & Schools

$300 Billion - That’s the annual amount Grief and Mental Health Challenges cost US Organizations (Grief Index). By learning the myths of grief and understanding everyone's grief journey is unique, organizations can Uplevel the well-being of their employees and create a supportive, inclusive culture where grief is included and honored. Make your workplace grief safe. Our training for employees, educators, and community leaders helps organizations understand, train and support their people through individual and collective grief.

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