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Creating a Coaching Culture

We are living through times, where the separation of an individual's work life and personal life has been minimized. People managers are required to provide much more than the overseeing of tasks and workflow, they need to know how to listen empathetically, honor emotions, acknowledge the whole person, and ask powerful questions.


Strong coaching cultures = strong engagement, collaboration, well-being, increased responsibility, development + revenue growth.


As part of UpLevel Productions' ongoing Event Series and our efforts to Humanize the Workplace, we are offering 5 complimentary, LIVE sessions to provide insight into Creating a Coaching Culture.

Find us every Friday on IG LIVE in April at 12pmET for 45-min informative sessions with experts in the field and professionals from leading organizations who have and are Creating Coaching Cultures Be sure to follow us @uplevelproductions on Instagram and Facebook to get notifications.


UpLevel Productions is committed to ending the stigma around mental health and humanizing the workplace to create cultures of well-being. Everyone is welcome! For more information, DM & follow us at @uplevelproductions.

We’ll be joined by:

  • Founder & CEO of Eudaimonic by Design, Andrew Soren to discuss Designing PERMACulture: The Science of Coaching at Work on April 1

  • Co-Founder, ENGAGE Leadership Solutions, Kelly Jones-Waller tackling The Power of Engagement on April 8

  • The CoFounder of Graydin, Quinn Simpson to explore The Coaching Mindset for Educators on April 15

  • On April 22,  UpLevel Alum; Kvon Tucker, Manager & Leader Dev GPS L&D, Google People Operations will jam with us on Inspiring Managers to Transform into Courageous Coaches

  • And on April 29th, Emily Cardamom, Senior PM, Learning + Leadership, Lululemon will let us know how she/team have Built an Internal Coaching Program


PLUS there will be a couple of BONUS SESSIONS to kick off and complete the Series - stay tuned for those!


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Upcoming Event

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Wisdom From Our Elders:
Spend Time with Some of the “Original Players” in the Coaching Industry

In celebration of ICF International Coaching Week (ICW) and the theme “ReImagine the Future,” Co-Founders of UpLevel Productions, Co-Active for Organizations Licensees, and CTI Faculty; Rachel Baldi and Christie Mann are thrilled to curate & host an explorative conversation about the Past, Present & Future of the Coaching Industry with some of the “original players” (OPs) of the profession. 


This is an opportunity to hear from our beloved elders, be inspired, and get excited about the future of the coaching profession.

Hear from: Karen Kimsey-House, Yuri Morikawa, Rick Tamlyn, Gülsün Zeytinoglu, Cynthia Loy-Darst, and Henry

  • celebrate coaching and specifically Co-Active coaching  

  • honor some of the original players (OPs) of the profession and our community  

  • Learn more about the history of coaching, the roots of Co-Active, and discuss the vision for its future


We have been longing to highlight these leaders and the impact they’ve created on our profession and our world. Come join us to Learn, Love and UpLevel.



When: Tuesday, May 17, 12 pm – 1:30 pm PST 

Format: ZOOM Webinar

Submit your questions by sending them to

Envision an opportunity for you to watch a fireside chat/group interview/storytelling with some of your favorite Original Players, facilitated by UpLevel Productions.

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Past Events

Well Being in the Workplace Series

75 Billion Dollars!!  That’s the annual amount Grief and Mental Health Challenges cost US Organizations (Grief Index).

In the past year, 40% of adults in the US (and more globally) have reported symptoms of anxiety or depression reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, a 10% pre-pandemic increase. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, a 10% pre-pandemic increase. 

As part of UpLevel Productions' ongoing Event Series and our efforts to Humanize the Workplace, we brought together experts in the field, our clients, and professionals from leading organizations who are bringing mental health and well-being in the workplace front and center for November 2021’s Well-Being in the Workplace Event Series.


Watch the replays on IGTV @uplevelproductions and stay tuned to the Resources page for the video recap.

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We are committed to ending the stigma around mental health and ensuring that all humans have access to tools and resources to support their well-being. Come Learn, Love and UpLevel with us! Follow us @uplevelproductions to get notifications.

Mental Health Awareness Series

Struck by the stat, that during the pandemic, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from 1 in 10, in 2019 we brought together a panel of expert guests to discuss tools, share resources and learn from their personal experiences. 

“This series has been a beacon of light at a dark time. Pandemic parenting as a new mom has been deeply challenging on my mental health. I appreciate that I was able to catch these replays while out on a walk with my toddler and digest at the rhythm I needed to. Hearing personal stories at a time of isolation is an important reminder that I’m not alone and walking away with some easily digestible tools is such a gift. Thanks to everyone involved to help us Up Level (Productions)  during a time of struggle.”

- Laura Vella


Visit our Resources Page for snippets and tools from UpLevel Productions, our Event Series, and our Expert-Guest Network to Learn, Love and UpLevel.​

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