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"Wisdom From Our Elders Part III: Insights From Seasoned Coaches"

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In celebration of the 2024 International Coaching Week, we bring together a panel of esteemed coaches to share their experiences and discuss what it means to be an elder in this profession in our third season of Wisdom From Our Elders. Our guests include Judith Cohen, Sookgi Han, Sam House, Sharna Fey, and Dori-Ben Chanoch, each offering unique perspectives on the evolution of coaching and its profound impact.

This conversation is rich with anecdotes highlighting each coach's practices and practical tools that help them show up as their more effective selves. Please join us as we unwrap their timeless wisdom and learn how to apply it to our lives.

Whether you’re just beginning your coaching journey or are seeking inspiration after years in practice, tune into this episode filled with heartfelt stories and hard-won lessons sure to resonate deeply with everyone!

In this Episode:

  • Get acquainted with our panelists, who collectively have over a century's worth of coaching experience.

  • Discover insights from Judith Cohen, the longest-serving certification examiner in coaching history.

  • Learn about how Sookgi Han has championed Co-Active Coaching in South Korea and her pride in leading quality workshops.

  • Explore Sam’s journey through coactive coaching across various cultures, including China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Europe, Spain, and North America.

  • Hear about Sharna's impact on bringing coactive coaching skills into corporations while being an active member of the queer community.

  • Uncover Dori’s role in spreading coactive training outside North America into Europe and the Middle East – challenging misconceptions about its application within organizations.

  • Get insights on personal practices that enable each coach to deliver their best work, such as mindfulness, reading, writing memos, walking, and engaging hobbies.

  • Discover the definition of an 'elder' within the context of professional coaching and the joy and responsibility that comes with being identified as one.

Order of Topics:

  • Our Esteemed Elders' Backgrounds

  • The Role of an Elder in Coaching

  • Personal Practices for Excellence in Coaching

  • Core Principles for Long-term Success

  • Sales Skills Integration with Coaching

  • Building Relationships and Networks

  • Spirituality in Coaching Practice

  • Applying Coactive Coaching in Organizations

  • Addressing Trauma Through Resilience

  • Global Crises and The Role Of Coaching Skills

Action Items:

  • Embrace Lifelong Learning

  • Develop Mindfulness Practices

  • Foster a Love for Clients

  • Detach from Immediate Outcomes

  • Specialize Your Coaching Services

  • Build a Robust Business Network

  • Adopt Effective Sales Techniques

  • Integrate Spirituality into Your Practice

  • Apply Soft Skills within Organizations

  • Understand Trauma’s Impact

  • Use Coaching Skills During Crises

  • Promote Global Connection Through Coaching

  • Collect "No's" Fearlessly

  • Establish Key Relationships Long-Term Success


Judith Cohen, MCC, CPCC, MSW

Judith Cohen loves to tell people that she’s been at CTI since the last century! She was in the Horse Pod (the third Certification Pod that CTI ever led) and received her CPCC in 1996. As soon as she received her CPCC, she became the first Certification Examiner hired by CTI and continues to be a Certification Examiner today. She was also a Certification Pod Leader and has been supervising students for the past twenty years. Judith was the “Dear Abby of Coaches” for several years. The “Ask Judith” column ran for three years in the Co-Active Newsletter, the first and only column of its kind published by CTI. 

Due to the neuropathy caused by her chemotherapy treatments in 1999, Judith totally lost her hearing over a period of seven years and finally had to stop working for a year in 2006. In 2007 she received the first of her binaural cochlear implants and received her second implant in 2008. During this time she had to retrain her brain to hear and interpret sound through her cochlear implants. Although learning to hear again was a painstaking and tiring practice, it also helped improve her listening skills. She credits losing her hearing with making her the masterful coach she is today.

When not training coaches to be the best coaches they can be, Judith maintains an international coaching and mentoring practice. She has also invented a game called “The Cosmic Recycling Project: How to Turn Your Shit into Fertilizer” that coaches can use to help their clients reframe their negative experiences as powerful stories and strategies that create transformational change and personal and professional success.

Sookgi Han, PCC

Sookgi is a top executive coach and trainer in Korea, working with and supporting different layers in an organization with an emphasis on C-level executives. She has experience across a wide range of industries, including consumer products, retail, luxury, finance, manufacturing, consulting, cosmetics, F&B, and professional services.

With an extensive background in human resources from consultancy, coaching, and marketing, and as a lecturer at a business school, Sookgi is leveraging one-to-one coaching, group coaching, and large group facilitation to support her clients’ development.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, she is holding over 2000 hours of practice. She is both an executive coach and leadership facilitator, specializing in leadership development and leveraging coaching-based solutions as a main lever to support her clients and was awarded “Coach of the Year” in 2018 by the Korea Coach Association.

Sam House, MCC, CPCC

Sam House, MCC, is a Master Certified Coach with a 25-year record of Executive Coaching and is the founder of Solutions Leadership & Coaching. Sam, a senior faculty member at the Co-Active Training Institute, oversees the quality of the global training faculty at CTI. In addition to his executive coaching, Sam serves as a mentor and advisor, working with professionals seeking to create personal/spiritual relevance--or meaning--in their lives as they drive to achieve exceptional results in a practical, feet-on-the-ground way. Sam provides executive coaching, team coaching, leadership assessments, team assessments, and customized leadership development consultation and training to organizations in the private, non-profit, social entrepreneurial, and governmental arenas. Sam's work often emphasizes the engagement of polarities in a life-affirming way to find wholeness in any situation or system, resulting in a transformation in beliefs, relationships, and systemic function.

Sam co-creates a new curriculum and specializes in developing leaders through both the Co-Active Coaching and Leadership Programs at CTI. In addition, Sam brings rigor and heart to the training of leaders, managers, and professional coaches. He has led coaching and leadership initiatives throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, beginning with a focus on the unique gifts of the human being and then setting them loose to create remarkable results.

Sam's work has served organizations such as IBM, Siemens, Accenture, Dell, Marriott, Yale University, Cargill, Google, Cap Gemini, and Fairview Health Systems to name a few. He has presented his Polarity and Wholeness approach at international conferences in both North America and Europe.

Sam received his BA from Bowdoin College and his MSW from New York University. He worked in clinical settings as a psychotherapist for many years before joining the coaching profession. Sam is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) and Authorized Facilitator of the Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership Circle Culture Survey, and the Team Diagnostic Assessment and coaching approach.

Sam lives in Delmar, NY, with his wife, Heather. He has two grown adventurous kids and two amazing granddaughters.

Sharna Fey, PCC, CPCC

Sharna is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with more than two decades of experience working with individuals, corporations, and nonprofits as an executive coach, trainer, educator, speaker, and consultant.

​As co-founder of Pono Coaching & Consulting, Sharna helps executive clients identify and lead toward their core values, define and reach their goals, and discover and pursue their most authentic and best lives. She works with corporations looking to invest in emerging or established leaders, improve overall communications, increase team effectiveness, and bring the key elements of coaching to their organizations.

​Sharna is sought out for her experience, her highly collaborative approach, and the affable and interactive learning style she uses to produce deeply meaningful outcomes. Her corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies like Google, Autodesk, Cisco Systems, IBM, Genentech, Marriott International, and Lululemon.

​For the past decade, Sharna has been on faculty at the Co-Active Training Institute where she received her own training. She has trained thousands of adults across the United States and internationally in the co-active coaching model she employs and relishes the opportunity to mentor new coaches.

Prior to launching her practice, Sharna spent more than a decade as a manager and general manager for Marriott, including three years as a national recruiter who helped create the company’s first college recruiting program.​

A proud alumnus of Washington State University, Sharna received training at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), and the nationally recognized leadership training organization Co-Active Space. She is a member of the International Coach Federation. A native Coloradan, Sharna made her home in San Francisco for more than 25 years and now chases summer by home-basing on Maui and traveling to other warm spots on the globe.

Dori Ben-Chanoch, PCC, CPCC, ICF

Dori Ben-Chanoch has been in the training & development field for the last 20 years. He has specialized in the areas of Leadership Development, Executive Presence, EQ & Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Business Transformation. His unique journey has included being a member of an elite air-born unit in the armed forces where he learned the literal meaning of “leading under fire”. In addition, Dori’s professional background involves extensive experience as a top sales producer, and eventually a successful business owner in the financial services industry in North America, before transitioning to executive coaching, leadership development, and corporate training programs design and delivery. Dori's background in leadership training and coaching includes serving in a number of key roles and functions for the acclaimed Coach Training Institute (CTI), such as Global Director of Corporate Training & Development, global leader of the prestigious one-year Leadership Program, senior front of the room leader for the core-curriculum coach-training courses, and certification program supervisor. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, CTI was one of the first educational institutes to develop and offer coaching training and is a long-standing, recognized global leader in the creation and advancement of coaching standards and integrity. Dori’s work has led him to the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and throughout North America, where he has been privileged to work in top companies and organizations across the financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, and communication sectors. In addition, he’s a behavioral coach and a member of Marshall Goldsmith Ph.D.’s Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL) group. He has earned the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification, as well as the Coach Training Institute designation of Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC). He is also certified in Team Coaching International’s Team Diagnostic Assessment.

About UpLevel Productions: Founded by Christie Mann, MA, CPCC, PCC, and Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC, UpLevel creates, produces, and delivers Transformative Experiences, Workshops, Training, Events + Media that develop leaders who make our world a healthier, more alive, and connected place to be. As Associate CTI Faculty Partners, UpLevel is licensed to sell, produce, and deliver Co-Active coach training and leadership development programs around the world to support the transformational growth of individuals and culture inside the workplace and organization. Instagram @uplevelproductions Facebook & LinkedIn @uplevelproductionscompany


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