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Wisdom from Coaching Elders: Co-Active Coaching as a Way of Being


This week, we’re celebrating International Coaching Week by spending time with some of the coaching industry’s elders. We explored the essence of coaching, their coaching journies, and their thoughts on the future of coaching. We also discussed the need for openness, systemic change, and tackling issues like diversity and racism. Each elder offered valuable guidance for coaches and those interested in personal growth. Listen to this episode and help us celebrate coaching's power to transform lives and create positive change through a practical and co-active approach.


Anne Grete Mazziotta, Founder, North Star Coaching

In This Episode:

- The concept of Eldership in families and communities

- The responsibility of being an Elder

- The value of different coaching tools and approaches

- The importance of an interpersonal and systemic approach

- The role of co-active coaching in creating common ground and goals

- The dismantling of privileged viewpoints and acknowledging unconscious behavior

- The importance of caring for oneself emotionally

- Regrets and learning from past mistakes

- The collective coaching model and incorporating themes like courage and vulnerability

- Co-active coaching as a way of being with people

- The future of coaching as a ubiquitous skill

- Acceptance of oneself and letting opportunities come organically

- Importance of balance and handling both good and bad times.

Metaphor: Co-active coaching is like the trunk of the tree, with many branches that will forget what the trunk is. The impact of co-active coaching will infiltrate the world in a way that we cannot foresee right now, becoming a way of being with people.

Timestamp of Topics:

[00:06:57] Kelly Jones Waller is a coach since 2000, proud to bring coaching training back to Atlanta and being a woman of color in CTI faculty.

[00:13:42] Embracing wisdom and accepting life's unfolding is the essence of elderhood.

[00:18:53] The speaker has become more comfortable with herself, focuses on doing what she loves, trusts that opportunities will come, and hasn't marketed her business in 20 years.

[00:28:10] The way of being in co-active coaching needs to become more interpersonal and systemic for better collaboration within organizations.

[00:37:54] Advice: Don't let your knowledge obstruct potential; stay open.

[00:40:31] Bring self-management and intuition into everyday life, not just for clients. Be attentive and curious.

[00:44:49] Leaders should be called out on their blind spots for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in coaching, but it hasn't been done effectively in the past.

[00:48:31] Life's richness comes from experiencing both joys and sorrows; coaching helps people understand and navigate both.

[00:52:17] Encouragement to embrace anger and support offered to manage it.

[00:56:59] Encouragement to face your own emotions and do the necessary work, leading to compassion for clients' progress.

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