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“Turning Pain into a Powerful Message” with Sabriah Reese


This week, we’re continuing with the second half of our Publishing Series, our guest is a renowned author and inspirational speaker, known for her life reset coaching through Bree Brees Speaks, Sabriah Reese. She shares her remarkable journey of transforming personal hardships into empowerment.

Join us in this enlightening podcast with Sabriah Reese as we take a deep dive into the themes of her book 'Crooked Rib, Golden Soul,' exploring how she harnessed the power of storytelling as a healing tool after surviving a challenging divorce and health issues. Sabriah highlights the role of faith in her transformative journey and addresses the critical need for open conversations about mental health within religious communities.

In this episode:

  • Transform Pain into Power: Sabriah's story teaches us that we can transform our pain and struggles into a source of strength.

  • Importance of Self-Love: The narrative emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-worth beyond societal standards or expectations.

  • Sharing Personal Stories: Sabriah's journey illustrates how sharing personal stories can inspire others who may be going through similar experiences.

  • Overcoming Stigma around Mental Health: Her openness about struggling with depression despite being a person of faith helps challenge stigmas surrounding mental health issues, particularly within religious communities.

  • Time Management & Setting Boundaries: Despite having multiple responsibilities, Sabriah shows the importance of setting aside dedicated time for oneself (in her case for writing), thereby stressing on effective time management skills.

  • Involving Family in Your Journey: She also highlights the significance of involving family members in your endeavors.

  • Healing Through Expression: Writing or expressing oneself can serve as an effective therapeutic tool aiding healing process from past traumas or painful experiences.

  • Having Faith During Difficult Times: Having faith could provide reassurance that things would get better eventually.

  • Prioritizing Emotional Wellbeing: She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing emotional wellbeing along with physical health.

  • Challenging Societal Norms: By sharing her experience, Sabriah challenged stigma surrounding abusive marriages within religious contexts.

Order of Topics:

  • The Power of Personal Journey

  • Embracing Support & Understanding

  • Single Parent Struggle

  • Intentionality & Discipline

  • Aspiring Authors' Guide

  • Involvement Of Children

  • Self-Publishing Process

  • Overcoming Fear And Doubt

  • Importance Of Networking And Promotion

  • Self Discovery Through Writing Process

  • Living In The Present Moment

About Sabriah:

Sabriah Reese is a Philadelphia native, a devoted Muslim woman, and an extraordinary single mother to five adorable children. She is the visionary founder of Bree Brees Speaks, an organization with a mission to educate, empower, and inspire women through life reset coaching. She's also a powerful inspirational speaker. Her journey into this transformative work began in 2016, following a tumultuous divorce that stripped her of her faith and her will to live. It was during this challenging period that Sabriah made the life-changing decision to dedicate herself to empowering women. This pivotal experience also served as the catalyst for her to write her book, “Crooked Rib, Golden Soul”.

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