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“Speak Up Culture: When Leaders Truly Listen, People Step Up:” with Stephen Shedletzky


In this week’s episode of the UpLevel Podcast, we had an enlightening discussion with Stephen Shedletzky, a renowned speaker, coach, author, and expert in fostering psychological safety at work. With over 15 years of experience and personal battles with communication barriers, Shed is on a mission to transform workplaces into spaces where every voice matters.

His book, "Speak Up Culture: When Leaders Truly Listen, People Step Up," encapsulates his philosophy on creating safe spaces for open dialogue at work. He emphasizes that leaders don't necessarily need charisma but should display empathy and compassion while listening attentively to their team members.

His journey so far has been inspiring and we can't wait to see what he brings next in promoting psychological safety, diversity, and inclusion in workplaces worldwide.

In this Episode:

  • Get to know Shed's journey from being a student at Richard Ivy School of Business to becoming an expert in workplace psychological safety.

  • Discover insights from Shed's latest book "Speak Up Culture: When Leaders Truly Listen, People Step Up". Learn how it aims to improve communication within organizations.

  • Hear about the pre-launch party of his new book at Indigo Chapters in Toronto—a place filled with nostalgia for him as his first date location!

  • Gain valuable advice on marketing strategies that focus on organic growth over gimmicks or paid promotions.

  • Understand why selling books can be challenging and how targeting specific groups like libraries, communities or organizations could lead to faster success.

  • Shed emphasizes utilizing your network not just for personal gain but also for sharing something beneficial.

  • Realize why publishing a book should align with your overall mission rather than being the ultimate goal itself.

  • Learn from Shed's personal experiences—growing up with a stutter and marrying a speech therapist—that led him towards understanding fear associated with speaking up and overcoming communication barriers.

  • Explore insights into creating work environments where individuals feel safe expressing themselves leading to learning and growing together.

  • Uncover how "Speak Up Culture" is more than just a business guidebook—it advocates compassion, empathy, and care in leadership.

Order of Topics:

  • Introduction to Shed

  • Speak Up Culture

  • A Nostalgic Book Launch

  • Marketing Strategies for Aspiring Authors

  • The Art of Selling Books

  • The Importance of Networking

  • Publishing Goals Alignment

  • Personal Challenges & Strengths

  • Effective Communication and Open Dialogue Culture

  • Book’s Purpose Beyond Business Guidebook

About Stephen:

Stephen Shedletzky or “Shed” to his friends, helps leaders make it safe and worth it for people to speak up. He supports humble leaders who know they are both a part of the problems they experience and the solutions they can create; as they put their people and purpose first. A sought-after speaker, coach, and advisor, Shed has led hundreds of keynote presentations, workshops, and leadership development programs around the world. As a thought leader on psychological safety in the workplace, he supports leaders and organizations in all industries where human beings work. He is the author of “Speak-Up Culture: When Leaders Truly Listen, People Step Up."

After years on a corporate track, Shed was introduced to and inspired by the work

of Simon Sinek and, soon after meeting him, became the fourth person to join his

team. For more than a decade, Shed has contributed at Simon Sinek, Inc., where, as

Chief of Staff and Head of Brand Experience, Training & Development, he headed a

global team of speakers and facilitators. Shed continues to speak and facilitate with

Simon Sinek helping to create a more inspired, safe, and fulfilled world. Shed graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with a focus on leadership, communication, and strategy. He also received his coaching certification from The Co-Active Training Institute. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two young children.

Purchase Links for Speak-Up Culture:

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