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“Secrets to Crafting Authenticity in Love, Marriage, and Authorship” with Shawn Miller


This week’s special guest on the UpLevel Podcast is Shawn Miller, co-founder of Young, Hip, and Married and a devoted-loving husband and father to his wife and four children. With a background in NLP and professional coaching, Shawn has officiated over 1500 weddings across Canada and the US. Join us for this insightful conversation about being an author who is just about to publish his first book. Hear about his triumphs, the obstacles he overcame, and his unique writing process, which involves speech dictation and a long-term editor who knows him inside out.

The launch of his book, "The Wedding Vow Handbook: Your Guide to Creating Kick-Ass Wedding Vows That Are Authentically Yours!" will soon be available on Amazon and their website, so stay tuned. And remember, it's time to let your authenticity shine through your words!

In this Episode:

  • Discover how Shawn transitioned from aspiring pastor to professional coach after embarking on a self-discovery journey.

  • Learn about his perspective on marriage as an entity separate from the individuals involved—one that requires constant transformation for growth.

  • Hear about his unique approach to inclusivity in love and how he accommodates different forms of relationships.

  • Gain insights into managing and leading a diverse team.

  • Understand why recognizing strengths and weaknesses is crucial as an entrepreneur.

  • Hear about his memorable experiences, which made him feel like he was chosen for this line of work.

Order of Topics:

  • From Aspiring Author to Coach

  • His Marriage Perspective

  • Embracing Different Forms of Relationships

  • Managing a Diverse Team

  • Being an Entrepreneur

  • Working with Purpose

About Shawn:

Married for over 19 years to his incredible wife Erica, Shawn’s most cherished roles include being a devoted husband and father to their four children (three boys and one girl). Together with Erica, he co-founded Young Hip & Married in 2010. This international officiating service is dedicated to helping couples express their love through the power of intentional ceremony. Initially venturing into the wedding scene while advocating for Relationship Coaching, Shawn's background in NLP and Professional Coaching paved an unexpected path into the wedding industry. Since that serendipitous start, he has personally officiated over 1,500 weddings, with thousands more celebrated under the Young Hip & Married banner. Recognized multiple times for his exceptional officiating skills, Shawn now leads a team of over 35 officiants across Canada and the USA, positioning Young Hip & Married as a premier name in the wedding ceremony space.

Shawn's passion for authentic love stories also led him to the world of online education. He offers a course guiding couples in writing sincere, touching wedding vows. And now, with the launch of his book, "The Wedding Vow Handbook: Your Guide to Creating Kick-Ass Wedding Vows That Are Authentically Yours!" Shawn aims to further empower couples in crafting wedding vows that truly resonate.

About UpLevel Productions: Founded by Christie Mann, MA, CPCC, PCC, and Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC, UpLevel creates, produces, and delivers Transformative Experiences, Workshops, Training, Events + Media that develop leaders who make our world a healthier, more alive, and connected place to be. As Associate CTI Faculty Partners, UpLevel is licensed to sell, produce and deliver Co-Active coach training and leadership development programs around the world to support the transformational growth of individuals and culture inside the workplace and organization. Instagram @uplevelproductions Facebook & LinkedIn @uplevelproductionscompany


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