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"Reimagining Leadership: A Conversation on Emotional Wellness at Work" with Victoria Roebuck


When we were young, we were often told to leave our emotions at the door when entering the workplace. But we’ve found that this approach stunts personal and professional growth. This week’s guest Victoria Roebuck, Area Vice President of Customer Success at BetterUp, has a different take that can revolutionize how we view leadership. Victoria believes in bringing your full self to work, not just the parts that fit neatly into a professional box. Drawing from her own experience as an African American in a predominantly white environment, she shares the fatigue of constantly code-switching and how it inspired her to foster workplaces where people can safely express their whole selves, emotions, and all.

In this episode:

  • Creating spaces in the workplace for people to bring their whole selves, allowing them to focus on personal growth and becoming better individuals, which ultimately leads to better business performance

  • The importance of active listening and agile leadership in today's workplace, where there's constant change and uncertainty

  • How her experience of growing up as an African American in a predominantly white environment helped her understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all individuals

  • How coaching is transformative and essential for proactively managing mental fitness and becoming a better version of oneself

  • How coaching and the focus on bringing more humanity into the workplace can lead to increased engagement, inclusion, and business results

  • Creating a future where coaching is accessible to everyone and it becomes as essential as physical fitness for mental well-being

  • The importance of focusing on others, building strong relationships, and understanding multiple perspectives

  • How the journey of bringing more humanity into the workplace requires vulnerability, but the impact is worth the effort, leading to transformational positive changes in individuals and organizations

About Victoria:

Victoria has an undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond, where she majored in Leadership Studies and minored in Business Administration. She is also an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree. She now works as a positive psychology practitioner – helping people feel more fulfilled in their lives and work.

Since graduating from Richmond, she’s spent her career as a senior leader in start-ups leading sales, account management, and customer success teams…and now works as an Area Vice President of Customer Success at BetterUp – helping organizations take a people-first approach to business transformation and helping them unlock the full potential of their employees. Specifically, she leads a team who partners with Chief People Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, Talent Management teams, and Organizational Development and Effectiveness teams that live within enterprise organizations to help them increase employee performance & engagement, culture and strategy, organizational resilience, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, wellness, and self-actualization of their employees through coaching interventions.

Before entering the professional world, Victoria was a nationally competitive gymnast and lacrosse goalie at the University of Richmond, where she finished the 2012 season ranked #1 in NCAA for total saves and average saves per game. In her free time, you can find her running, hiking, doing yoga, and/or other activities that help build a stronger mind/body connection.

You can follow Victoria here:

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