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“Integrating The Femasculine Leadership Model In the Workplace” with Signy Wilson

Updated: Jun 21


This week on The UpLevel Podcast, learn the ‘Femasculine’ approach that teaches how to balance masculine and feminine energy within all genders. This integrated leadership model arms leaders with the insight needed to change the way they move forward and create the businesses (and lives) they want. Our guest is Signy Wilson, a pioneer in the coaching field and one of Canada's premiere leadership coaches. With her 20 years of experience as a Leadership and Executive Coach, she breaks down the behaviors and mindsets that define toxic, distorted, and integrated masculine and feminine—and their ​impact​ ​and​ ​influence​ in the workplace. She also shares the crucial distinction between executive and leadership coaching.

This episode is for anyone seeking wisdom and insights into creating an inclusive company culture where no one feels left behind, and creativity grows across organizations in the workplace. Tune in now!

In this Episode:

  • Signyficant Living: Explore Signy's concept of leading a life filled with meaning, purpose, and passion beyond society's traditional success measures.

  • Transformative Journey: Hear reflections on Signy's transformative journey, the impact of slowing down, and the importance of being heart-centered.

  • Internalized Capitalism and Decolonization: Gain insights into moving away from external validation toward inner truth.

  • Femasculine Model: Discover how to balance feminine energy, such as collaboration and community, with masculine traits, like action and focus, for harmonious leadership.

  • Four Coaching Skills: Learn the coaching skills that foster workplace engagement and align masculine and feminine qualities.

  • Mindset Shifts: Understand how mindset shifts can enhance employee engagement and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, allowing individuals to bring their whole selves to work.

Order of Topics:

  • The Essence of Signyficant Living

  • Heart-Centered Growth Through Reflection

  • Femasculine: The Harmonious Blend

  • Coaching Skills That Foster Workplace Engagement

  • Above The Line Leadership & Relational Skills Across Spheres

  • Biological Needs & Energy Integration

  • Executive vs. Leadership Coaching

  • Measurable Goals & Organizational Impact

  • Celebrating Unique Strengths Through Coaching

  • Personal Responsibility & Accountability Mindset

  • Redefining Success Metrics

Action Items:

  • Define Your Own Signyficant Living

  • Embrace Heart-Centered Living

  • Learn the Femasculine Model

  • Develop Coaching Skills

  • Align Actions with Values

  • Express Yourself Authentically While Maintaining Boundaries

  • Recognize Biological Needs

  • Cultivate Relational Skills Across Environments

  • Seek Executive Coaching If Applicable

  • Set Measurable Goals In Coaching Engagements

  • Encourage Acquisition of Coaching Skills Organization-wide

  • Commit To Continuous Personal Development As A Coach Or Leader

  • Reject Victimhood And Embrace Accountability Mindset

  • Redefine Success Metrics Personally And Professionally

  • Update Organizational KPIs To Reflect Well-being Focus

About Signy:

Signy is a stand for people being their best selves, whatever that means to them. She sees people for who they are at their core and invites them into a deeper relationship with their own truth. She believes that our heartlessness is killing us, our companies, and our world. And so she is bold in her commitment to get people reconnected to their heart, their courage, and their voices… opening a space for creating a different kind of world, and work. Described as fierce electrifying fun, and knowing that laughter lubricates learning - she brings humor and directness to her coaching, asking the tough questions, and naming the unspoken that lies just below the surface. Signý’s unique talent for bringing out the best in people, coupled with her personal triumph over cancer, sparks her fiercely held perspective that Fully Yourself + Fully Expressed = Fully Alive! 

As a pioneer in the coaching field, she has been on the Faculty of the Coaches Training Institute since 2005 and has been awarded the exclusive Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation by the International Coach Federation (ICF). In her 20 years as a Leadership and Executive Coach, helping managers to CEOs from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, she especially loves working with women in leadership who gave up part of themselves to be successful in the corporate space, and long to return to wholeness. 

Signy received a Master of Human Resources in Leadership Development, and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, and is certified in more personality assessment tools than any one person should be. 

Creator of the Signyficant Living program and the Femasculine Model, Signy believes that through completely honoring our whole self we live our fullest, most Signyficant lives.

Harvard Business Review “What it Really Takes to Become an Executive Coach”

Isn‘t it time for Signyficant Living?

Signy Speaks


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