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“How To Cultivate The Superpower Of Coaching In The Workplace” with Christy King

Updated: May 22


This week on the UpLevel Podcast, Christy King shares her journey and insights on building a coaching culture within an organization. Aside from being the Head of National Leadership Development of BDO USA, Christy is a certified Co-Active coach. She highlights how she discovered coaching, which she considers a 'superpower', and advocates for its integration in the workplace. She believes coaching can truly enhance leadership and improve the personal well-being of employees, which drives team productivity and results in achieving company goals and success.

For anyone looking to cultivate effective developmental strategies within their organization, tune into this insightful conversation that explores how embracing these practices can lead to significant individual and corporate growth.

In this Episode:

  • Christy defines coaching as a "superpower" that helps others help themselves through curiosity, genuine listening, and powerful questioning.

  • The distinction between advising and coaching in professional roles.

  • Her personal story about discovering positive leadership and meeting Steve Gladis led to embracing a coaching approach within BDO.

  • How experiencing effective coaching firsthand influenced Christy’s mission to establish a culture of coaching at work.

  • The impact of receiving personal executive coaching on her own development as a leader and mother.

  • Challenges faced while integrating coach training into corporate structure amidst priorities like workload pressures and measuring the ROI.

  • Strategies for implementing a culture of coaching include starting with foundational skills like questioning and listening, exploring various avenues for skill application, leveraging tools like CliftonStrengths for self-awareness, and team-building exercises akin to team-coaching sessions.

  • Advice for other organizations looking to foster their own cultures around strengths-based leadership: start small but stay persistent in sharing your vision; integrate external coaches along with developing internal leaders’ capabilities; be flexible in customizing programs according to company culture without losing core methodologies or values alignment.

  • Christy also emphasizes how important it is for vendors partnering with companies like BDO to understand unique organizational cultures.

Order of Topics:

  • Christy’s Introduction to Coaching

  • Defining Coaching

  • The Role of Coactive Relationship

  • Personal Transformation Through Coaching

  • Coaching vs Advising Distinction

  • Challenges in Cultivating Organizational Culture Change

  • ROI from Investing in Coaching

  • Advice for Others Seeking to Build A Coaching Culture

Action Items:

  • Educate Yourself on Coaching

  • Integrate Coaching Skills into Leadership Programs

  • Practice Active Listening and Powerful Questioning

  • Start Small with Implementation

  • Utilize Strengths Assessments

  • Continuously Communicate the Vision for Coaching

  • Seek External Partnerships When Necessary

  • Measure Impact Through Data Collection

  • Pursue Professional Coaching Certification

  • Lead by Example with Continuous Self-Improvement

  • Embrace Humanity in Management Practices

  • Be Patient During Cultural Transformation

About Christy:

Christy King founded and leads the National Leadership Development function for BDO USA, one of the largest Accounting and Consulting firms in the country. She has 20+ years of experience in people development and is known for her passion for developing leaders and empowering them with the insights and self-awareness to help them “show up” as their authentic selves. Fixed on the goal to build a coaching culture at BDO and a firm believer that coaching is one of the most impactful development tools we can offer leaders, Christy has partnered over the years with her team and strategic leaders throughout the firm to build a robust and progressive leadership development approach and resources that weave coaching concepts and resources throughout. Christy herself is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), working toward ICF professional coach certification. She believes that everyone is a leader, regardless of level, and that we all have opportunities to model excellence, leading ourselves and others, and helping people thrive every day. 

About UpLevel Productions: Founded by Christie Mann, MA, CPCC, PCC, and Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC, UpLevel creates, produces, and delivers Transformative Experiences, Workshops, Training, Events + Media that develop leaders who make our world a healthier, more alive, and connected place to be. As Associate CTI Faculty Partners, UpLevel is licensed to sell, produce, and deliver Co-Active coach training and leadership development programs around the world to support the transformational growth of individuals and culture inside the workplace and organization. Instagram @uplevelproductions Facebook & LinkedIn @uplevelproductionscompany


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