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“Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness and Intention” with Adam Taubenfligel


In this week’s episode of the UpLevel Podcast, we had a captivating conversation with Adam Taubenfligel, the co-founder, creative director, and responsibility lead at Triarchy. We dove deep into his journey towards mindfulness, the discipline it took to write his book "Setting an Intention: 11 Brief Lessons on Achieving Your Greater Good", and how he's using these principles in his denim production practices.

His journey is a powerful reminder that mindfulness and intentionality are crucial for personal growth. Adam also shared some valuable insights about self-talk, breaking negative patterns, and interacting with our younger selves with kindness. His message is clear - anyone with a vision can become a writer! It just takes overcoming self-doubt and embracing discipline.

Tune in and join us as we explore mindful living through intentional action!

In this episode:

  • Learn about Adam's path towards mindfulness, which began with recurring negative experiences leading him to question his life choices. His journey includes meditation, sobriety, and breathwork, which all contributed positively towards achieving clarity in life.

  • Discover how overcoming initial hesitation about not being a writer was possible for Adam when he found inspiration from another concise book titled “7 Brief Lessons on Physics”.

  • Understand the intention behind writing his book—it became more than just readable content but also a handbook for life that can be picked up anytime.

  • Hear why Adam wrote this book primarily for himself rather than aiming at reaching thousands or millions of people.

  • Find out how reconnecting with his younger self helped Adam break harmful patterns and enhance personal growth.

  • A sneak peek into the core concepts of his book is based on eleven lessons inspired by unclear relationships in his life that require deeper understanding.

Order of Topics:

  • Adam’s Journey

  • Writing Process

  • Book Creation and Purpose

  • Message Over Popularity

  • Reconnecting With Younger Self

  • Core Concepts Of The Book

About Adam:

Adam Taubenfligel is an author and the co-founder of Triarchy, where he serves as the brand's creative director and responsibility lead. His visionary leadership has propelled Triarchy to the forefront of the fashion industry by pioneering innovative and sustainable denim production practices. With a passionate commitment to restoring integrity to the concept of sustainability, Adam has set new industry standards.

Beyond the realm of denim, Adam's journey towards a more responsible world has imparted invaluable wisdom. He recognizes that intention, awareness, and discipline are essential elements in achieving responsible production practices and fostering responsible consumption habits. His core belief in the significance of intention and mindfulness extends to every facet of life.

Adam's mission is to share this transformative wisdom with the world. He wrote "Setting An Intention: 11 Brief Lessons On Achieving Your Greater Good," a handbook designed to teach individuals how to harness intention and mindfulness to attain their personal goals and contribute to the greater good.

Adam's personal quest for self-discovery propels him forward on a journey to understand himself and the world around him more deeply. His ultimate aspiration is to inspire as many people as possible to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery, firmly believing that what can be discovered is greater than what can be imagined.

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