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Evolving masculinity: How embracing vulnerability can lead to personal and professional growth with


Christopher Veal's journey to redefine masculinity had an unexpected twist. From conforming to hyper-masculine environments in the Marine Corps and construction to exploring vulnerability and emotional expression through his podcast, he realized the need for a wider discussion on evolving masculinity. This spurred him to write his book, The Whole Man, challenging societal norms and encouraging a new, healthier definition of masculinity. But what was the unexpected twist? How did Christopher's journey lead him to redefine himself and connect with others in a deeper way? Read on to discover the surprising outcome of his exploration.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the transformative power of vulnerability and a new definition of masculinity.

  • Realize how a strong and supportive community can propel you toward personal and professional success.

  • Break free from traditional views on masculinity and reap the rewards of open emotional expression.

  • Master essential self-care and mental health practices for lasting achievement and well-being.

  • Unlock the potential of authentic connections through emotional vulnerability and insight.

Christopher works deliberately each day to live into his purpose of creating authentic connections. He knows that some days he does better than others at leaning into being vulnerable and aims to improve with every interaction.

In his life, he’s worn many hats: father, executive coach, Marine Corps officer, TEDx speaker, organizational development professional, facilitator, traveler, keynote speaker, podcast host, student of life, music lover, and explorer. He is excited to finally be adding Author to that list with the publishing of The Whole Man: Evolving Masculinity, which is the latest iteration of his quest to destigmatize the word ‘vulnerability’ for men.

When he’s not busy with these other pursuits, he loves spending time with his amazing daughter, listening to music, playing piano and (a little) guitar, mountain biking, riding his motorcycle and is somewhat successfully training their Boxer, Apollo.

Timestamp of Topics:

00:00:43 - Introduction, Christopher Veal discusses the vulnerability of his book and how it will help aspiring authors and listeners. Rachel Baldi introduces Christopher Veal and explains the purpose of the podcast. 00:02:27 - Christopher's Background and Book Writing, Christopher Veal describes his background in the Marine Corps and construction and how he felt he couldn't bring his whole self to those roles. He explains the genesis of his book and the ideas behind healthy masculinity. 00:08:55 - The Habits of the Whole Man, Christopher Veal introduces the five habits of the whole man: Curiosity, Awareness, Presence, Emotional Health, and State (CAPES). He explains the importance of emotional fitness and staying committed to personal growth. 00:11:29 - Overview of CAPES, Rachel Baldi asks Christopher Veal to explain the acronym CAPES and how each habit relates to the whole man. Christopher Veal describes the cyclical and ongoing nature of the habits and how they build upon each other. 00:13:19 - The Story Behind CAPES, Rachel Baldi asks Christopher Veal about the history behind the acronym CAPES. Christopher Veal explains that as a kid, he used to run around with a towel or sheet tied around his neck like a cape. He also shares the meaning behind each letter of the acronym. 00:14:32 - The Inspiration Behind the Book, Christopher Veal shares the inspiration behind his book, "Finding Your Possible: 11 Awakenings to Awaken Your Awesome." He talks about the stick figure concept and the importance of embracing vulnerability to step into his message. 00:15:31 - Collaborating with Community, Veal emphasizes the importance of community in creating his book. He found support through a structured program, the Creator Institute, and a community of writers who helped keep him motivated and accountable. 00:20:54 - Overcoming Vulnerability Hangovers, Veal discusses the vulnerability of putting one's work out into the world and the importance of anchoring oneself to their personal mission and vision. He also suggests practicing vulnerability and remembering why you are doing the work. 00:23:29 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Writing a Book, Veal talks about the rewards and challenges of writing a book, including the need for discipline and rigor, the unexpected support from his community, and the importance of taking imperfect action. He also shares that he would have started marketing his book sooner. 00:27:52 - Hiring Help for Social Media, Christopher talks about the importance of hiring someone to help manage social media and getting the message out sooner. He suggests finding someone who works with authors to understand the specific needs in that space. 00:29:08 - Future Projects, Christopher discusses the possibility of writing another book and how he is currently focused on speaking engagements. He mentions his passion for leadership and how he may bring similar concepts to that topic in the future. 00:30:02 - Personal Development Journey, The conversation highlights how writing a book is more than just technical aspects. It is a personal development journey that requires vulnerability, self-awareness, and a willingness to be open to feedback. 00:35:01 - Impact on Fatherhood, Christopher discusses his daughter and how she was the reason he wrote the book. He talks about wanting to be a role model for healthy masculinity and show his daughter what it looks like in action. 00:38:48 - Shifting Expectations, The conversation focuses on the need to shift expectations of what healthy masculinity looks like. Christopher mentions examples such as Barack Obama and a UFC fighter who have shown emotional vulnerability and how more men need to follow suit to break away from unhealthy masculinity stereotypes. 00:41:29 - Where to Find Christopher Veal and His Book, Christopher Veal provides information on where to find his book, Whole Man Journey, which is available on Amazon and other bookstores. He also shares how to stay connected with his work through his website, podcast, and LinkedIn. 00:42:26 - Evolving Masculinity and Taking a Bigger Platform, Rachel Baldi and Christopher Veal discuss how his work on masculinity and vulnerability has led to a bigger platform as a global influencer and speaker. They emphasize the importance of preparing oneself for more responsibility once a message is put out in the world. 00:43:06 - Encouragement for Aspiring Authors with Socially Conscious Messages, Christopher Veal encourages aspiring authors to put their message out in the world and not let inner critics influence their decision. He shares how expanding the conversation about men and masculinity led to a bigger network of people who care about the same issues. 00:44:01 - Appreciation for Christopher Veal's Work, Rachel Baldi and Christopher Veal express their admiration for each other's work and discuss the importance of staying vulnerable and leaning into it. They hope to see Christopher on the big stage with his amplified message. 00:44:52 - Preview of Next Episode with Megan Joe Wilson, Rachel Baldi previews the next episode with guest Megan Joe Wilson, where they will discuss using a book to fuel a mission and build an empire.

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