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"Creating a Coaching Culture Recap & Call to Action" with Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC


We are living through times where the separation of an individual's work life and personal life has been minimized. People managers must provide much more than overseeing tasks and workflow; they need to know how to listen empathetically, honor emotions, acknowledge the whole person, and ask powerful questions.

Strong coaching cultures = strong engagement, collaboration, well-being, increased responsibility, development + revenue growth.

In this episode, the other Co-founder of UpLevel, Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC, joins Christie Mann to recap this season and issues calls to action for organizations.

In This Episode:

  1. There’s science behind coaching at work

  2. How the Great Resignation can turn into the Great Retention

  3. The sweet spot employers need to help their employees find

  4. What employees are really looking for in a company

  5. The importance of + how to implement a coaching culture in your school

  6. Inspiring managers to become courageous coaches

  7. The metrics and ROI achieved from a Co-Active Coach training program at Google

  8. Why it’s ok to lose some employees in the process of transforming your company culture

  9. The 5 steps to creating a coaching culture

Quotations to Share:


“I think our role at UpLevel is to bring it to the masses–to bring it to people who wouldn't be in leadership development meetings inside the organization to discuss 'What's our strategy around developing our people,' but maybe have influence inside the organization. So I think it's about exposure.” ~Rachel Baldi


“When people say, ‘Oh, people can't change or they haven't got these skills,’ that's a load of rubbish actually, and it's a manager's role to be able to provide that information and that feedback to them. There is science behind that actually working.” ~Rachel Baldi


“If you have a manager who is invested in you, who wants to find out what makes you thrive, then you are most likely going to want to work for them. You're going to want to stay with them. You're going to trust them. You're going to respect them.” ~Rachel Baldi


“​​I could talk to him [Andrew Soren] for ages. There was just so much that he brought–so many nuggets of wisdom and science behind it.” ~Rachel Baldi


“Andrew [Soren] is such an important part of the work that we're doing in the world and his personal journey is really inspiring.” ~Christie Mann


“[referencing Kelly Jones-Waller’s episode] The individual has as much responsibility as the organization.” ~Christie Mann


“Coaching is it's much more than a set of skills. It's a way of being with others. It's a way of listening.” ~Christie Mann


“For organizations who are investing in inclusivity in belonging, in equity training, people, managers in a coaching skill set is paramount.” ~Christie Mann


“Empathy allows diversity and diverse teams to tap into the power of differences and collaborate better.” ~Rachel Baldi


“I'm just in awe of them [teachers] as human beings.” ~Rachel Baldi


“I want teachers to be able to coach me.” ~Rachel Baldi


“If you're a parent go to your school, And ask for your teachers to be trained in coaching skills.” ~Rachel Baldi


“What do we want it to be like in the school staff room and in the hallways? The future generations are our future leaders. And we want those places to be places where there is safety, where there is relationship and conversation, and there are micro-moments of coaching there.” ~Christie Mann


“It [coaching] amplifies a system's strengths and an individual's strengths.” ~Christie


“Any organization that is interested in retaining top talent and achieving metrics today wants to be interested in creating transformation because we're not living in a world that is basic anymore and that isn't calling forth great transformation.” ~Christie Mann


“This is why UpLevel Productions is creating these conversations because people managers need to be armed with the skills [coaching skills].” ~Christie Mann


“So when you make this investment [creating a coaching culture], you're building strong leaders who develop other strong leaders. It's as simple as that.” ~Rachel Baldi


“​​It [creating a coaching culture] also allows organizations to attract and retain top talent and customers.” ~Christie Mann


“Step one of creating a coaching culture is having the vision and getting all levels of leadership engaged in that vision and enrolled somehow in the program.” ~Christie Mann


“You cannot build and influence a coaching culture on your own.” ~Christie Mann


“The design of the program [for creating a coaching culture] needs to have multiple touch points.” ~Rachel Baldi


“There is a very intentional design process that Rachel and I, UpLevel Productions, work through with our clients to embed coaching cultures. And like she said, it's not just a one and done.” ~Christie Mann


“We need to build momentum fast and then do the research from that pilot, track the results and collect both the quantitative and qualitative data and showcase it to create your business case [for creating a coaching culture].” ~Christie Mann


“We want to get really clear that we're calling forth organizations in this moment and individuals who work inside the organizations and for the sake of way, Rachel, why now?

Why is creating a coaching culture inside organizations? Why is it mission-critical? Yeah, I think the sad fact of it is that organizations are needing healing. Then not all, some but the majority need healing. They are suffering. They are sick in a way they're not good places to work. And B they're not bringing the best out of people.

And so, we need to help organizations to make that better. It's as simple as that.” ~Christie Mann & Rachel Baldi


Co-founder of UpLevel, Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC is on a mission to empower and inspire those around her to lead their lives with conscious presence, authenticity, and responsibility. As an Interfaith Advocate + End-of-Life Coach, Rachel brings her knowledge and expertise in coaching, leadership development, project management, workshop design, and facilitation to act as a conscious bridge between people of different cultures, races, and religions to build healthy relationships.

About UpLevel Productions: Founded by Christie Mann, MA, CPCC, PCC, and Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC, UpLevel creates, produces, and delivers Transformative Experiences, Workshops, Training, Events + Media that develop leaders who make our world a healthier, more alive, and connected place to be. As Associate CTI Faculty Partners, UpLevel is licensed to sell, produce and deliver Co-Active coach training and leadership development programs around the world to support the transformational growth of individuals and culture inside the workplace and organization. Instagram @uplevelproductions Facebook & LinkedIn @uplevelproductionscompany


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