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"Bridging the Generational Gap: Embracing Humanity in the Workplace" with Tawney Hughes


Meet Tawney Hughes, a resilient leader deeply committed to human-centered workplaces. Her belief that relationships shape life has led her to work with individuals, organizations, and teams to facilitate courageous conversations and foster a sense of purpose. Tawney isn't new to this field; she leads a prominent tech company's internal one-on-one coaching program and, since 2014, has facilitated programs for over 20,000 of its employees worldwide. From California to Dublin, her influence has spanned continents. Furthermore, Tawney is an Enneagram certified practitioner, a certified Co-Active professional coach, and a certified organization and relationship systems coach, making her a powerhouse of knowledge and experience.

In this week's episode of The UpLevel Podcast, Tawney is sharing her wisdom with us. She will provide practical solutions to cultivate a work culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and appreciated, regardless of age.

If you want to create an inclusive and harmonious workplace environment that fosters growth and connection among all generations, listen to this episode as we explore how to build bridges and foster meaningful connections among generational differences, ultimately leading to a more collaborative and thriving workplace.

In this episode:

  • Discover the transformative power of blending humaneness into traditional office environments and seeing its effect on productivity and rapport.

  • See remarkable insights into generational divisions within the workplace and how finding common ground can enhance overall functionality.

  • Probe further into the revolutionary intersection of technology, particularly AI, and humanity for creating a more effective workplace.

  • Understand the impetus of nurturing the connection with nature to introduce empathy into your teams creatively.

  • Realize the liberating outcomes when failing is seen as a stepping stone, accelerating the learning curve in professional settings.

Timestamp of Topics:

00:00:00 - Introduction, The episode introduces the guest, Tawney Hughes, who is committed to creating more human-centered workplaces. Tawney has worked with Google's Learning and Development Team and currently leads their internal one-on-one coaching program. She believes that the quality of relationships determines the quality of life. 00:03:48 - Importance of Bringing Humanity into the Workplace, Tawney emphasizes the importance of creating workplaces that prioritize humanity. She believes that when people feel valued and seen in their work, it has a positive ripple effect on the world. Tawney shares her personal journey of finding humanity in the corporate tech world. 00:06:12 - The Art of Creating in the Corporate Arena, Tawney describes her experience of working in the corporate world as an incredible playground. She appreciates the freedom to explore and the privilege of doing work that makes a positive difference. Tawney sees her work as a canvas for creating art and bringing more humanity into the workplace. 00:11:25 - Millennials and the Desire to be Seen, Tawney reflects on the generational differences in the workplace, particularly between millennials and older generations. She suggests that millennials may be more vocal about their desire to be seen and witnessed due to previous experiences of stifling emotions. Tawney advises managers to create a space for expression and reflection without judgment. 00:14:07 - Creating Space for Expression, Tawney encourages managers to avoid comparing generations and instead focus on creating opportunities for all. 00:17:42 - The urgency of AI in coaching, The guest discusses how AI chatbots in coaching create a sense of urgency and immediacy, with people seeking immediate solutions. However, they argue that true growth and innovation happen in moments of struggle and reflection and that allowing individuals to sit with their challenges is essential for their development and resilience. 00:18:49 - The limitations of AI in coaching, The guest questions whether AI can truly be present with humans in their mess. While AI technology is advancing, it lacks the depth of human connection and the exchange of humanity that occurs in coaching and leadership. They express a concern that AI may lead to a more transactional and disconnected workplace. 00:21:13 - Hope for humanity and AI, Despite concerns about AI, the guest maintains optimism, believing that there are enough brilliant people who value humanity and will prioritize it in the development of AI. They express faith in humanity's ability to choose goodness and do the right thing. 00:25:40 - Deepening the connection to nature, The guest emphasizes the importance of recognizing that humans are nature, not separate from it. They believe that reconnecting with nature can foster a deeper connection with humanity as a whole. Nature can serve as a bridge, even between individuals who may seem disconnected. 00:28:32 - Cultivating the three marriages, The guest shares a framework from David Whyte's book, "The Three Marriages," which emphasizes the importance of nurturing three key relationships: with oneself, 00:36:07 - The Importance of Asking for Help, Tawney emphasizes the importance of asking for help in the workplace and the reciprocity that comes with it. Creating a safe environment where people can take risks without fear of retaliation or punishment is crucial for normalizing failure. 00:37:09 - Psychological Safety and High Performing Teams, Tawney discusses the concept of psychological safety in teams and how it is the most important factor in creating high-performing teams. Psychological safety means creating an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks and know that their mistakes will not be met with punishment. 00:38:28 - Modeling Behavior as a Manager, Tawney highlights the importance of managers and leaders modeling behavior by openly acknowledging their own failures and mistakes. By setting the tone and creating a culture where mistakes are accepted and learning is celebrated, managers can create a safe and supportive environment for their teams. 00:39:39 - Celebrating Mistakes and Learning from Them, Tawney encourages embracing mistakes, owning them, and celebrating them as opportunities for learning and growth. It's important to shift from a negative, self-shaming inner dialogue to a more positive mindset focused on learning and improvement. 00:47:05 - The Future of the Workplace, Tawney reflects on the future of the workplace and the rise of remote work. She believes that remote work offers opportunities for greater work-life balance and connection with friends and family.

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