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“Embracing Womb Wisdom in Life and Leadership” with Anabel Vizcarra


This week on the UpLevel Podcast, we’re experiencing a refreshing and empowering perspective from our special guest, Anabel Vizcarra, a Feminine Embodiment and Womb Wisdom Mentor. She is a visionary thinker who believes that crisis, chaos, and change are not just challenges to overcome but are extraordinary opportunities for rebirth and evolution—personally and collectively.

Anabel highlights her powerful metaphor of menstruation to describe our global state, just as the body cleanses itself during this natural cycle, shedding what is no longer needed for growth. She also shares how emotions are our allies and how we can confront and overcome our shadows so darkness will no longer hold us. 

Anabel’s wisdom is truly overflowing.

In this Episode:

  • Listen to how Anabel compares the global state to a period of menstruation where humanity is shedding what no longer serves its evolution.

  • Explore how chaotic times can be seen as an opportunity for deep healing.

  • A discussion about reevaluating business cycles that are currently operating from outdated models, emphasizing creativity over traditional brick-and-mortar approaches.

  • A fascinating look at how aligning team roles based on individual menstrual cycles can enhance efficiency in business operations.

  • Anabel shares an embodied practice focused on grounding oneself through belly breathing to cultivate presence over presentation—a crucial skill for leaders facing high-stress environments.

  • Insights into cultivating inner wealth that includes relationships, community, and environment—transcending the poverty mindset, which isn't necessarily tied to financial status.

  • A discussion on balancing spiritual integrity while embracing material success. 

  • From real estate entrepreneur at 18 dealing with personal struggles like workaholism and eating disorders to finding her calling in womb shamanism while maintaining worldly achievements.

  • Tips on regulating emotions effectively within leadership roles without being overwhelmed by responsibilities or external pressures.

  • Striving towards sovereignty rather than letting possessions define one’s identity, utilizing them as tools for self-expression instead.

Order of Topics:

  • Menstruation as Metaphor

  • Cleansing for Humanity

  • Leadership Cycle

  • Womb Wisdom in Action

  • Practical Tool for Presence

  • Wealth Beyond Money

  • Integration of Spirituality with Material Abundance

  • Anabel's Personal Journey

  • Empowerment Through Emotional Management

  • The Sovereignty Aim

Action Items:

  • Embrace Change as Opportunity

  • Reflect on Personal and Societal Growth

  • Adapt Business Cycles

  • Prioritize Efficiency Over Exhaustion

  • Incorporate Womb Wisdom into Business Practice

  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Balance Financial Goals With Human-Centric Approaches

  • Practice Daily Grounding Routines

  • Integrate Spirituality With Practical Life

  • Define Wealth Holistically

  • Embrace Self-Sovereignty

  • Share Your Journey Transparently

  • Engage Nature For Grounding

  • Confront Personal Shadows

  • Cultivate Resilience Through Adversity

  • Recognize Abundance As Birthright And Discern Desires From Distractions

  • Learn Ancestral Collective Wisdom

  • Hold Tension Between Dualities And Maintain Spaciousness

  • Seek Professional Guidance Healing Journey

  • Embrace Continuity Amidst Change Perspectives On Experiences And Feed Into New Possibilities

  • Liste to Inner Wisdom Mystery Of Life Strength Guidance

  • Empower Yourself by Finding Beauty In Hardships While Creating Positive Transformation

About Anabel:

Anabel Vizcarra is a Feminine Embodiment Mentor & Womb Wisdom Curandera. She teaches how to awaken and return to your own wise and prosperous wholeness through self-awareness, ancestral wisdom & emotional mastery. She believes that when we work with our own intelligent body rhythms, we naturally, remember the feminine energy we’ve disconnected from and are able to transform relationally and heal our lives. When we know where we come from, we embrace why we are here. Anabel guides women into trusting their own healing process & reconnecting to their inner source of potent feminine wisdom. Anabel’s body of work is a Womb Revival Movement informed by Womb Shamanism, Somatic Psychotherapy, Gene Keys Transmission, Ayurvedic medicine, Quantum Physics & Epigenetics.

About UpLevel Productions: Founded by Christie Mann, MA, CPCC, PCC, and Rachel Baldi, CPCC, PCC, UpLevel creates, produces, and delivers Transformative Experiences, Workshops, Training, Events + Media that develop leaders who make our world a healthier, more alive, and connected place to be. As Associate CTI Faculty Partners, UpLevel is licensed to sell, produce and deliver Co-Active coach training and leadership development programs around the world to support the transformational growth of individuals and culture inside the workplace and organization. Instagram @uplevelproductions Facebook & LinkedIn @uplevelproductionscompany

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