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“Championing Humanity in the Workplace Amidst Crisis, Chaos, and Change” with Lisa Goren


This week on the UpLevel Podcast, we sit down with a former roommate and fellow CTI Leadership program coach, Lisa Goren. As a former talent agent turned Chief People & Culture Officer for a $2.5 billion integrated health system in the Pacific Northwest, leading a team of 100+ HR professionals who support 14,000 employees in US healthcare, she shares her profound journey from personal crisis to professional triumph navigating the complexities of today's healthcare system. Her insights on strategies for supporting teams during prolonged crises like the pandemic will show how leaders can inspire by connecting deeply to their purpose.

We encourage you to listen to this heartfelt conversation for a human-centric leadership approach filled with vulnerability, wisdom, and humor, all wrapped up with actionable advice for anyone looking to lead effectively amidst crisis, chaos, and change. Tune in now!

In this Episode:

  • Christie and Lisa share their bond forged during their CTI Leadership program.

  • Discover why the current state of chaos is likened to "Sharknado," especially within US healthcare.

  • Hear Lisa’s insights on how the pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in the US healthcare system and its impact on workers.

  • Explore strategies and ways for organizations to provide safety nets beyond individual mindfulness practices or interventions.

  • Lisa shares powerful personal stories including her mother’s medical ordeal which instilled resilience and purpose driving her dedication to improving healthcare cultures.

  • The essential role purpose in guiding leaders through adversity and how we’re hungry for humor and joy in the workplace.

  • Hear Lisa’s devising ways for people to strive towards creating an environment to experience more good days than bad - both practical and aspirational.

  • The importance of leaders being vulnerable about their mental health journeys to humanize workplace culture.

  • Personal anecdotes from Lisa with her family, two sons, and insights on the parenting journey.

Order of Topics:

  • The "Sharknado" Effect

  • Healthcare System Challenges

  • Personal Leadership During Pandemic

  • Driven By Purpose

  • Inspiration from Resilience 

  • Empathy and Intelligence in Leadership 

  • Humor as a Connection Tool 

  • Vulnerability and Authenticity at Work 

  • Family Narratives 

  • Joy Amidst Life’s Challenges 

Action Items:

  • Embrace the Chaos

  • Integrate Systems for Better Care

  • Promote Sustainable Practice

  • Systematic Support for Teams

  • Encourage Personal Therapy

  • Lead with Purpose

  • Learn from Role Models

  • Cultivate an Open-Hearted Workplace Culture

  • Champion Diverse Family Narratives

  • Reduce Ego Involvement

  • Find Joy Amidst Challenges

  • Understand One Another

  • Lead With More Heart Humor and Joy

This episode is in loving memory of Lisa's beloved mom, Sherry Goren.

About Lisa:

Lisa Goren is an experienced human resources professional who is driven by one core principle—devising ways for people to have more good days (or at least more good ones than bad).

She has spent the majority of her human resources career working in and with hospitals and health systems across the U.S. Currently, she is the Chief People & Culture Officer for a $2.5 billion integrated health system in the Pacific Northwest, leading a team of 100+ HR professionals who support 14,000 employees. Years of consulting in organizational development and change management – and formal training in an eclectic mix of human-centered practices – help her engage, educate, and motivate people to improve business performance and culture. Engaging others is central to all that she does and Lisa feels this particularly essential, given the unique pressures and stressors facing today’s healthcare workforce.

Lisa’s career began in advertising and she spent a handful of years as a talent agent, representing actors and placing them in films, television, and commercials. While some may find it difficult to connect her first career with her current one, she sees her life’s work as creating the conditions for people to tell their stories—whether real or imagined—and feel understood. She brings this perspective to her work as an HR executive, constantly identifying ways to cultivate a meaningful and true sense of belonging within the workplace.

In addition to earning degrees from Michigan State University and Portland State University, Lisa has amassed professional development experiences in Neuroscience, Innovation, and Improvisation from a variety of institutions including Columbia University, MIT, INSEAD (France), and Second City Chicago.

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