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Help Protect Your Organization From The Great Resignation

Are you worried about the Great Resignation? The rate of employees voluntarily quitting their jobs is 25% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Workers continue to feel the effects of the pandemic on their mental health and well-being. More than 30% of Americans reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, compared to just 10.8% pre-pandemic.

One study found that approximately 80% of surveyed employees were more likely to stay at a company that provided high-quality mental health care resources.

The bottom line is that mental health resources can help companies retain talent.

One way your company can provide mental health resources is by creating a coaching culture. A coaching culture creates psychological safety in the workplace and supports and encourages employees to learn and grow.

Create a Coaching Culture to:
⚡️Increase Productivity
⚡️Better Retain Talent
⚡️Enhance Collaboration

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