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About UpLevel

UpLevel Productions produces Transformative Leadership Development Experiences, Books, Media & Events and Products that support people of all ages to expand consciousness and deepen into the full range of their human experience.  

We create and produce content & experiences for Leaders, who develop Leaders.

You will choose to partner with us because:


  • You subscribe to the philosophy that we are here to UpLevel and you are called to be a Leader of this movement.

  • You are committed to "doing the work” on your inner-world to create the outer-world reality you desire and deserve.

  • You have created content or experiences that you want to share with the world to help people expand awareness and create deep,
    sustainable transformation.



A new day has dawned; if you are awake, then you know this to be true! Gone are the times of top-down, patriarchal models of Leadership. UpLevel Productions produces and offers transformative coaching, training and leadership experiences which allow Leaders who develop Leaders to open up to their next level of consciousness. UpLevel Leadership experiences are designed for individuals and organizations ready to “do the work,” and are not for the faint of heart! We curate inspired, strategic experiences that expand awareness and create deep, sustainable transformation.



UpLevel Productions produces and publishes books for all ages, from memoir to, fiction, non-fiction and children books, all written to take readers on deep, supportive, reflective inner journeys. Through the rich stories and spirited characters, books published by UpLevel allow readers to expand into the full-range of their human experience. Check out UpLevel Productions’ Best Selling self-growth books for young people: The Adventures of Lil’ Sass, available on Amazon.



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UpLevel Productions creates products to support and enhance the experience of our Transformative Leadership Development offerings, Books, Media & Events. These products are designed to expand awareness of individuals and organizations and create deep, sustainable transformation.

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